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Drip irrigation is a special type of irrigation, saving water and fertiliser owing to exact and targeted distribution of water to the plants and, at the same time, reducing water evaporation in the course of the irrigation process.

Targeted supply of water reduces growth of moulds on the plant (no moist leaves).

  This system allows irrigation of only the root of the plant or the surrounding area, hence, no drying or excessive moisturizing of the plant or soaking into subsoil occur.

 Drip irrigation systems require in-depth examination of all relevant factors that can influence installation of the irrigation system (soil surface profile, water, plants, agricultural and climatic conditions).

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Drip irrigation


The first reports on drip irrigation date back to the 1st century BC, in the territory of present-day China. A more sophisticated version of drip irrigation was used in Germany in 1860; it was based on underground irrigation using clay pipes. This project was designed as a combination of irrigation and drainage system.

  In 1920, research of drop irrigation systems using perforated pipes was commenced.

Drip irrigation seems to be one of the most important agricultural innovations since spray irrigation systems produced in 1920s and 1930s.

 Contemporary drip irrigation technology was developed by Simcha Blass and his son Yeshayahu Blass in Israel. Blass and his son implemented a system releasing water through larger and longer passageways slowing water inside plastic emitter.

The first experimental systems of this type were tested in 1959. In 1960s, Blass started co-operation with kibbutz Hatzerim. Together, they founded Netafim, a company that has been an active player in the market until now. Later, they have developed and patented the first functional surface drip irrigator.

 Gradually, this irrigation system has been implemented in Australia and North America.

 Currently, drip irrigation  is used worldwide, among other things, due to verifiable saving of water required for irrigation.  You can read about this in the following article.

Drip irrigatin

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