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What material is drip irrigation made of?

Our drip irrigation is made of LDPE, i.e. low-density polyethylene, which has been chemically treated to be UV resistant and also resistant to the effects of pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers.

Which type of irrigation do you recommend for parks, decorative gardens and green areas?

For decorative parks and gardens situated in a complex terrain, we recommend drip irrigation with pressure compensation.

Which type of irrigation do you recommend for agricultural land?

For comparatively flat areas, we recommend drip irrigation without pressure compensation.

Can rainwater be used for drip irrigation?

Yes. Our irrigation system can be connected to large rainwater collectors. The water in the collector can be pumped to the system using pumps or, as the case may be, gravity flow  system can be used, supposed  the collector has been installed high enough above  the highest point of the area to be irrigated.

How many layers has a drip irrigation hose?

Our irrigation hoses have three layers. The internal and external layer is thin, made of hard material with lower flow index. The central layer is flexible and made of the material with higher flow index. Such tube features high strength and flexibility.

How many metres has one drip irrigation coil and what is its weight in kilograms?

Standard-type 1 coil  has  300 m and 18 kg. In addition, 100-m coils (6 kgs) is available.

Is it a Czech product?

This product  is purely of Czech origin,  our production plant is located in South Bohemia. Company Filament ID s.r.o. manufacturing and selling this product, is also a Czech company.

Which is the minimum purchasing quantity in retail sale?

The minimum quantity in retail sale is one big drip irrigation package, i.e. 300 metres.

What are the prices in wholesale?

Wholesale prices are negotiated individually, depending on quantity.

Do you also install drip irrigation systems or are you only manufacturer and seller of the hoses and supplementary components?

We only manufacture and sell drip irrigation systems and/or other required components. We do not install these systems, however, we can recommend reliable installers to you.

If I wish to install the drip irrigation system by myself, can I also buy other required components for installation of the entire system from your company?

Our standard offer includes all basic connection materials, filters and pressure controllers of the drip irrigation system.

What is the approximate durability of your drip irrigation hoses?

Our hoses are tested for UV radiation, ozone and also chemical agents used for treatment of the plants and soil, so that – in moderate climatic conditions – their service life is 5 years, unless mechanically damaged.  

Our hoses have also been designed and tested in laboratory conditions  (in UV and Q-Sun chambers)  for durability as long as 10 years.

What is the pressure in hoses with and without compensation?

The pressure in  hoses without compensation ranges 1.1-1,5 bars.

The pressure in  hoses with compensation can be up to  4 bars.

Which factors influence water flow rate in the irrigation hose?

Water flow rate depends on so called dripper labyrinth: it is either 2 litres/hour or 4 litres /hour.

The narrower the “channel” in the dripper labyrinth (dripper), the lower flow rate.

What do you mean by "pressure compensation"?

Pressure compensation is a phenomenon produced by special membrane installed in every dripper. This membrane allows  equal quantity of water dripping from every dripper in the irrigation system, at specific water pressure.

What is the purpose of the dripper?

It is a plastic labyrinth, allowing controlled seeping of water  from the hose on the surface. The seeping rate from the dripper can be either  2 l/h or 4 l/h.

What is the wall thickness of your irrigation hoses?

Standard wall thickness of our irrigation hoses is 1.1 mm. Optional Premium hoses (wall thickness 1.2 mm) are available upon order.

Is it necessary to plug the end of the irrigation hose?

Yes. The end of the hose must be hermetically closed.  One option is using a plug, another option is buckling the hose, so that no liquid can flow through it.

How can I make my order?

Please use the order form at  https://www.ukapovka.cz/kontakt/#poptavkovy_formular), or contact one of our sales agents by phone or e-mail. Refer to https://www.ukapovka.cz/kontakt/#paticka) for contact.

Is personal pick-up of products possible?

Yes. You can pick up the products you have ordered in our store (former military base in Drhovice  (Meziříčí 82), from 8.00 to 15.00 – show on the map –https://www.ukapovka.cz/kontakt/#mapa. The store is located in the area of Filament ID s.r.o.

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