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Here you can read opinions of our satisfied customers on our drip irrigation.

Robert, chata – okres Trutnov

I am highly satisfied both with the installation and the product. In my view, the biggest advantage is saving of time. Now, I can spend it with my family instead of by watering.

Martin H., Březová-Oleško (medial agency manager)

I am happy to inform you that the drip irrigation system you have sold to me works perfectly and without any problem. A couple of year ago, I tried drip irrigation system purchased in the hobby market; it did not work at all, so I was a little bit distrustful of the function of the new system. I installed it before sowing. The installation was quite easy, when connecting the branches or finishing.  All I had to do was cutting the hose at the distance of 8-10 cm before or after the dripper, otherwise, it would burst. Also, it was necessary to connect the hoses to two-way adaptors, elbows and tailpipes carefully,  not up to the stop.  The tank is installed at the height of 1150 mm and it always drops dry. I have 3 irrigation circuits connected and all of them work reliably.  See attached photos.

 What to do with the irrigation system in autumn?  I most cases, I cover the entire plot of land. Or maybe, mark the hoses, disassemble and store for winter??

 Thanks again for your helpfulness, advices at the purchase, and also your interest in terms of functioning of the product at the customer.

Milada B., Štarnov 

Everything is perfect. Just pay a little attention when connecting supply and irrigation hoses together. They are softer than supply hoses. Be very careful when connecting them. 

In other respects, very pleasant communication with the sales agent, all problems    have been solved very quickly, per telephone. The agent helped me to choose 25-cm spacing without compensation, I have two large greenhouses full of vegetables in my garden.

Jožko, Benátky na Jizerou

Drip irrigatin

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